Wildflowers has an experiential approach to education that respects young children's development. We nurture their confidence, independence and resilience, and foster awareness of and care for other people and the environment.

Every morning we are outdoors where the children can use their bodies to the fullest and be inspired to be inquisitive, imaginative and inventive. In the afternoon they rest, eat a warm meal and do activities in and by a barn.

The children learn from exploration and being in a group, and from the challenges they set themselves and those we encourage them to meet, as appropriate to their personal learning plan.

Wildflowers is located near Bramdean and West Meon, between Winchester and Petersfield.

The group consists of up to 16 children aged three to six years, 4 aged two, and three adults.

We meet at 9.15 am. Younger children stay until 12.30 pm and older ones until 2.45 or 3 pm.